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Who is 
Kelli Freese?

I became interested in nutrition when I was trying to find answers to my son's health problems. Through studying books and anything that I  could get my hands on I soon realized that changing what we were eating would benefit everyone in the house. After being approached by numerous friends that saw firsthand the changes in my family I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

In the Summer of 2015, I found a lump on my Thyroid. After a battery of tests, pokes, and prods I made the decision to have surgery. The doctor was able to positively confirm that I did indeed have Thyroid Cancer. I decided to opt out of radiation and instead work with a Functional Medicine Doctor to treat my body as holistically as possible. 

This journey changed my whole practice in a positive way. Now I treat each client in an integrative way and help them assess their emotions as well as the food that they eat and the exercises that they choose to do. 

One of the things that I discovered while working with health coaching clients was that their lives were very imbalanced. I realized that to discover full health we needed to go beyond food and fitness and balance our entire lives. Enter Oola. Oola is an amazing program that teaches you how to live a balanced life in an unbalanced world. I went through their life coaching program and love helping people reach their goals, not only in fitness and health but also family, finances, field, and fun! Through helping people achieve their life goals, their entire life changes and it's pretty amazing to see. 

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