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When November rolls around people tend to talk a lot about what they are Thankful for. What about the person that isn't thankful? What about the person that has just lost a family member suddenly or received a discouraging health diagnosis? Do you fake it til you make it? Do you struggle and internalize your feelings?

I know that it is hard to find anything to be thankful for when it feels like your whole world is spiraling out of control. There is a reason that holidays bring on depression. However, just by showing thankfulness your health; mentally and physically; improves.

1. Start Small- Find one small thing that you are thankful for and verbalize it.

2. Keep A List- Get a book, journal, or even a piece of paper and add to that list daily. When you are having a rough day you have something to fall back on.

3. Get a Buddy- Find a friend or two that you can share your struggles with. Make sure that these are people that will lift you up when you need it.

Do you struggle to be thankful? Tell me about it.

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