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Every year people all over the world make resolutions to change their habits. A majority of those people get fed up around six weeks in and throw in the towel. Last year, I decided to scrap the whole resolution thing and I picked a word. That word was, "More." I laughed as the world ironically seemed to descend into chaos and I got "more." I got more time with my family. I got the chance to have more room for our family by moving into a bigger house mid-pandemic. I got more time to work on my health. There was so much more, that I was honestly overwhelmed at times. I was also very very grateful.

Part of the more that I got to experience was a chance to become a Certified Oola Life Coach. Oola was already a concept that I loved and believed in. It was the program that I had walked through to find balance in my life when I felt so very exhausted and overwhelmed by it all. It was the concepts that my husband and I used to get our finances in order.

Oola uses the seven F's; faith, fitness, finances, fun, family, friends, and field; to balance your life in an imbalanced world. I adore this program because when I was strictly doing health coaching my clients were so overwhelmed by life. Once we were able to balance out their life in these areas they were able to hit their goals. It only made sense that I became a Certified Oola Life Coach. I am now ready to kick off offering this program to the world. Are you ready to be balanced? Are you ready to have fun again? Are you ready to have amazing relationships?

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