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"I'm so glad I hired Kelli! She taught me how to change my eating habits and thoughts about food. I was never on a diet and never felt deprived. Kelli changed my life!" ~Healthy Mom of 6

"I wasn't sure about this whole health coach thing but after trying multiple diets I figured I had nothing to lose. I found Kelli through a friend and we immediately hit it off. After our consultation I knew that I needed Kelli. Six months later we are still working together and I have changed my life. I have lost weight but more importantly I've gained a whole new life and perspective!"

~Recovering Food Addict

"I could write a book about working with Kelli but I'm limited to so many words. I was struggling after my Hashimoto's diagnosis and didn't really know what to do. Kelli helped me put my disease in remission without trying to sell me powders, shakes, pills, or any other magic potions. It took work but she held my hand every step of the way. I've worked on mindset, relationships, exercise, and food. I'm so thrilled I took the plunge to hire Kelli." ~Hashimoto's Patient and Food Addict

"Being diagnosed with several different AutoImmune diseases I was pretty sure that I would never get to play with my kids again. Kelli walked me through a process that at first didn't seem to make sense to me until I put into effect her suggestions. After our first month I began to have energy, sleep better, and see light at the end of the tunnel. Then, I began to add in her other suggestions and I started to release some weight. My doctor was thrilled with my progress but more importantly my husband and kids were overjoyed to get me back."

~AutoImmune Mommy

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